Monday, January 11, 2016


I have been trying so desperately to be heard, from posting videos on YouTube to writing posts here on Blogger. Yet, after years of yearning to have my voice listened to, I still feel like I'm not being heard. It is for this reason that I want to quit posting altogether on every social media outlet that I have (which is few, as I am not fond of them). So I am not sure if I will be deleting my blog or simply going on hiatus for now. Either way, I want to thank those who have read what I've posted.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Being that winter is creeping up on us, I wish I could be hibernating until spring. Winter is by far my least favorite season - and one of my least favorite things. It's no fun going out when it is so cold and bitter, and many days are dreary and gray. I'm over it. Here's to wishing I could just sleep this season away.

Monday, August 31, 2015

AGT Live Performances 3

The latest episode of America's Got Talent (AGT) really was amazing. It was inspirational and fantastic. The episode aired August 25, 2015 and was the third round of live performances for this season, AGT's 10th season. Almost every act I watched reminded me of the reason why I like this show and almost every act made me smile. It is when the act is inspirational, astounding, and emotive that my love for AGT is reinforced.

Just a few of my favorites:

Benjamin Yonattan's performance was beautiful and creative, it is inspiring that this 14-year-old boy, who is legally blind, dances so wonderfully and with such passion. Not only was his dance beautiful, but the background/set and music were, too. Everything went perfectly together, and I am shocked that he didn't make it through to the semi-finals. 

It will definitely be interesting seeing the live semi-finals. I have not yet decided who I think (or even who I want) will be in the top three. I do hope, however, that Benjamin decides to audition again for next year's season.